Brides, this is for you!

A common word of advice is to take it all in. I have heard it countless times in my life. 

I heard it on my wedding day, when I woke up that morning, when I was getting ready, on my drive to the venue, and even just before I walked down the aisle. My mom squeezed my hand and said “don’t forget to walk slowly, and take this all in.” 

Your wedding day could easily be one of the biggest days of your life! And it absolutely is not a day you want to miss a single thing. I want to capture those getting ready, popping champagne moments with your girls. And the first look or first touch excitement tears with your future husband or wife.I want to help you take in everything, even the moments you may have missed or the moments that may fade from your memory, as years pass. Your wedding images should display the world-stopping love you have for each other to showcase for generations to come. 

I want to be more than just your photographer on your wedding day. I want to be an extension of your bridal party and to let you know when you have lipstick on your teeth. So, we have work to do. Let’s plan a wedding!