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Moms, this blog is for you….but, its all about dads! Dads….they either hate photoshoots or are just plain indifferent about them. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I want your husband to be excited for our photoshoot. I think we can all agree a grumpy dad ain’t it. And truthfully, I don’t think I have actually ever encountered a grumpy dad at any of my sessions. But, in case your hubby needs a little motivation, here are the best tips to prep dad for a photoshoot!

1. If you know my photography style, you know I am very much a lifestyle photographer. This means I capture honest, authentic moments and NOT posed smiling moments. So naturally my first tip for you is to tell your husband NOT to look at the camera. Tell him to look at you, the kids or even take in the awesome location. (New Smyrna Beach is beautiful) Many times, you (mom) are the one booking the session, and your husband tends to have no idea what a lifestyle session even means. Therefore, you will need to fill him in! Let him know that we are going for the un-posed, candid photos. Give him a heads up of how I run my sessions. Heck you can even share my prep email, that I send to all my clients, with him.

2. Okay, we have “don’t look at the camera” down! Now let’s talk about dad being aware of his facial expressions. And you know, this could totally go for moms too! Make sure you keep a neutral face throughout the session. Even if, the kids start to get a little crazy. Essentially, stay in character like the loving, always happy 😉 parents that we all know you are! I know first hand how difficult this can be! Because every photoshoot I’ve tried to have on New Smyrna Beach, my child has attempted to go straight to the water! But you just gotta smile through it to get that shot.

3. If dad is totally not digging having a photoshoot, remind him how important these pictures are for YOU! He may not see it in the moment but he too will cherish these family photos, one day. But he will hopefully be able to look past the annoyance to make you happy for one night! Really just one hour!

4. I saved the big guns for last. If all else fails, or if you just want some extra brownie points, surprise him with his favorite beer before our photoshoot! That is certain to lighten his mood. New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co. is on the way to the beach, too! Coincidence? I think not!

If you love these tips, share them with all your mom friends and if you really want, your husband! (But then the beer won’t be a surprise)