Parents, this is for you!

I want you to experience your life in slow-motion through my images. I’m here to capture those unplanned, in between shots, like when your kid decides to take a swim mid-photoshoot. (yes, I’m speaking from experience, and it was epic!) Or when your kids are having a little rough house moment. But also, I want to show you the sweet, can’t recreate, kisses and cuddles that all parents swoon for. 

A little secret, I want your kid(s) to bring all their energy to the session. Not only to capture those amazing true life spirited moments, but also so they will sleep good for you on the night of our session. (are you convinced I’m the photog for you yet?)

Every family is so unique and I want you to see that through my images. So, let’s chase the sun and make memories like only your family can!


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