I am a lifestyle photographer based in New Smyrna Beach and absolutely dig capturing the honest, genuine moments. This means you won’t get your typical posing, fake smiling shots. There will be movement, giggles and truly authentic times captured. I want to capture the most realistic, true to life, you. I don’t want you to forget the way your lovey looks affectionately at you, or the way they make you laugh that belly laugh only they can bring to light. I want you to remember the way your kids have an intense yet admiring bond. I believe images should capture not only the way you look and the dynamics of your relationship or family, but also, the way you feel at this moment in your life. When you look back on your photos, I want you to be flooded with the memories and feelings of this moment. I want to highlight your relationships just the way they are in those raw, pure, and intimate moments! Because that is real and that is honest! And trust me when I say, these are the moments you will want to remember. 

All of this, PLUS I have a quick turn around time! I know first hand just how frustrating it is to wait for what seems like an eternity for you pictures to be returned. I don't want you to have wait this agonizing wait. I want you to be able to share and see your beautiful pictures ASAP.

I can't wait to get to know you!

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“Photography is a language more universal than words.”